Claude Hendel-Laurole ’14

Claude Hendel-Laurole ’14

January 27, 2022

Years at Mass Elite: Mass Elite Alumni (‘14). First year coaching with the program. 

Hometown:  Lowell, MA

Past coaching experience: 3 years as the Head Boys JV basketball team and 2 years as an assistant coach for the Varsity Basketball team at Innovation Academy. I also coached 2 seasons with ASA Hoops.

What do you love about working at Mass Elite? I love that I am a part of a family. Being a former player with the program and now a coach, Mass Elite really embraces us. 

What do you enjoy outside of coaching? Outside of coaching I still enjoy playing basketball in numerous men’s leagues around Massachusetts or just pick up with friends. Also picked up new hobbies like snowboarding in the winter. 

How do you enhance the student-athlete experience? I will enhance the student-athlete experience by always pushing them to reach their maximum potential, but also be a mentor to them. 

Favorite Athlete? James Harden

Favorite sports team? Whatever team James Harden is playing for. 

Favorite Movie?  Rush Hour 1 

Favorite Color? Red and Black 

Favorite Season? Summer