Jack O’Leary

Jack O’Leary

January 27, 2022

Years at Mass Elite: 1st Year

Hometown: North Reading, MA

Past coaching experience: 2 years of coaching North Reading Youth Basketball at the 5th-8th grade level

What do you love about working at Mass Elite? I love the work ethic of all staff and players and watching the rapid growth of players basketball skills

What do you enjoy outside of coaching? I like to still play basketball as much as possible and I love to golf as well

How do you enhance the student-athlete experience? Since I’m only 20 I still can relate to a lot of the older age groups so I try my best to give them my input of how they can grow as players and more importantly as students in this day and age and how they can prepare themselves for their future in and out of basketball by sharing my experiences over the past few years

Favorite Athlete? Ja Morant

Favorite sports team? Boston Celtics

Favorite Movie? Wolf of Wall Street

Favorite Color? Purple

Favorite Season? Summer