Tim Kelly ’16

Tim Kelly ’16

January 27, 2022

Years at Mass Elite: 3 years as a player. 2nd year as member of coaching staff. 

Hometown:  Burlington

Past coaching experience: Director of Burlington Recreation Youth Basketball

What do you love about working at Mass Elite? There are a lot of programs that say they’re a family but nothing lives up to that the way Mass Elite does. So my answer would be the “family” feel of the program.

What do you enjoy outside of coaching? Hanging out with my friends and family, staying active, watching sports and movies, playing 2k and playing Madden

How do you enhance the student-athlete experience? By bringing a high level of energy and effort as a coach so that my players will feed off of that and bring the same energy and effort on the court.

Favorite Athlete? Derrick Henry

Favorite sports team? Boston Celtics/ New England Patriots

Favorite Movie?  The Departed

Favorite Color? Red

Favorite Season? Summer